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As Derpa we manufacture and supply packing products, barcode labels, barcode ribbons, cloth labels, carton labels, computers, computer consumables, shirt materials, cartons, tissues, paper cutting services, paper sizing services, swifts, swift guns, stationery products, office products, garment accessories, textile accessories, garment consumables, textile consumables, stain cleaning powders, stain cleaning materials, auto fresheners, industrial type paper products, paper products, packing tapes, sellotapes, adhesive tapes, cleaning products, home cleaning products, industrial cleaning products, ironing materials, home type ironing materials, industrial type ironing materials, napkins, safety pins, cloth plotting papers, stationery materials, cloth papers, nylon bags, plotter papers, interlinings, cellulose tissue papers, tissue papers, toilet papers, stationery material, textile material, textile consumable, textile accessory, garment accessory... Our company serves 7 days 24 hours in Gunesli Square with 10 vehicles and 20 personnels. We provide almost 5000 kind of products to firms grouped under labels of stationary, packages, computer enviroment, chemicals, papers, textile enviroments and hundreds of trademarks. Now you can enjoy secure and fast online shopping with us. Our online shopping web site at your service. You can buy products displaying here or just get price info from the site below.

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Computers, Napkins, Barcode Labels, Cleaning Products, Tissues, Textile Accessories, Industrial Cleaning Products, Nylon Bags, Home Cleaning Products, Computer Consumables, Stationery Products, Paper Products, Cartons, Packing Products, Textile Material, Office Products, Toilet Papers, Stationery Materials, Packing Tapes, Adhesive Tapes, Garment Accessories, Carton Labels, Stationery Material, Textile Accessory, Tissue Papers, Interlinings, Barcode Ribbons, Safety Pins, Cloth Labels, Shirt Materials, Paper Cutting Services, Paper Sizing Services, Swifts, Swift Guns, Garment Consumables, Textile Consumables, Stain Cleaning Powders, Stain Cleaning Materials, Auto Fresheners, Industrial Type Paper Products, Sellotapes, Ironing Materials, Home Type Ironing Materials, Industrial Type Ironing Materials, Cloth Plotting Papers, Cloth Papers, Plotter Papers, Cellulose Tissue Papers, Textile Consumable, Garment Accessory

Established Date: 2005  Tax Office: Güneşli  Tax Number: 2930406691  Staff Count: 11-25  Export Specialist: CELAL DERE